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Market opportunity assessment

Before investing time and effort in trying to set up a distribution network in Poland, it may be worth checking whether there is a market for your products in Poland. Our Market Opportunity Assessment is geared to answering this question and comprises:

  • Competing products
  • Market prices
  • Sales channels
  • Market trends
  • Relevant legislation and tax issues
  • Expected retail price
  • Conclusions


Service description

We prepare a short review of whether it is sensible to be in your target. We ask the fundamental question "Can you make money here?". This service gives a brief overview of your main competitors, their prices and tariffs, and your likelihood of success according to the objectives you specify. The study may include our recommendation for your entry strategy on the particular Polish market.

We recommend a market entry feasibility study if there is a question as to whether the potential market entrant has a reasonable chance of being successful in Poland. It does not always make sense to assume that there will be a market in Central Europe for every product or service. The purpose of this study is to save our client money by honestly assessing their chance of succeeding on the market.

Our approach

We deliver a report on the specific sector of the target Central or Polish market, which usually includes:

  • list of main competitors, their prices, and distribution channels,
  • assessment of competitiveness of the client's products on the market under investigation,
  • overview of market opportunities, dangers and business climate.
In preparing our report we:
  • take the time to understand our client's existing business model and route to market,
  • do research into the main producers of similar products in each investigated CEE country (using EB Partners data, Internet research and phone interviews),
  • do research into pricing by doing phone interviews with distributors, producers and end-clients,
  • make phone calls or have meetings with distributors and producers in order to understand the challenges and opportunities on the market.

If we reach the conclusion that the client does not have a good chance to do well in the immediate future, we make specific recommendations for further action and are ready to implement those recommendations if need be.

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